QRC Breakthrough for Scrapbooking


Credit for this brilliant idea goes to my wonderful hubby. I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and have undertaken pretty much all of our photo storage and organization myself. But one day when I was complaining about the tedious process of compiling videos and joining them together into one video to make QRs to use on my scrapbook pages, he asked me why don’t I just link the QRC to an online FOLDER of photos to cut down on the editing step. My mind immediately jumped to the capabilities of Google Photos, where I have all my photos and videos stored already, and I got super excited. When I tested it out, I was sold.

The advantages to doing it this way:

  1. You get the benefit of ONE QR code linking to multiple videos, without the added step of compiling and editing and splicing video footage.
  2. It’s FAST and pretty painless. Since Google Photos is so smart, all I had to do was search for videos from a specific time period, and it pulled them all up for me. I added them to a folder (for example, December 2016), and just had to copy the link to that folder to make my QR.
  3. You can edit and remove videos from the folder and it does NOT affect the QR link. This is really nice because I so often put off adding the QR codes to my pages because I’m dreading the process of going through my videos, finding the good ones, and deleting the duds. This bogged down my process and scrapbook pages were sitting on the back burner forever waiting for QRs to be added. Now I can just lump all the videos in one folder and get the QR made, and go back and remove the duds later. It’s a lot less overwhelming of a process!

The bonus is ever since I discovered the PixelLab app, I can do the whole process on my phone! I use http://goqr.me/  to plug in the URL from my Google Photos folder, it generates the QRC, I download it, and import it into PixelLab where I add it to a Project Life card. The whole process takes a leisurely 8 minutes, less than 5 if I’m on my game. I can’t explain what a huge breakthrough this is for my memory keeping, and maybe it will be for some of you too!