Here goes nothing!

For reasons that will soon be apparent, I have decided to put myself out there on the world wide web!

I have had a blog before. It wasn’t fancy. In fact, it was a free blogspot one that I kept up in high school and college. It was fun, but I haven’t used it in years. Recently I decided to get all professional and get a WordPress blog. For some crazy reason I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to set up.


In case any of you were wondering what it takes to make a BlueHost-hosted WordPress blog…let me fill you in on the process:

  1. You sign up for Bluehost web-hosting service.  (Easy)
  2. You make a domain. (Easy, though can be difficult if you spend 18 hours analyzing every possible domain name before finally settling on one)
  3. You pick and install a blog template. (Ok so I have AT LEAST 288 options. Uhhhhh…I guess I’ll go for the one with 11,040 downloads)
  4. You design your blog using said template. (Ultra difficult. What do I do exactly? The template I installed was supposed to have “easy drag & drop customization options”…which are apparently nowhere to be found. So much for being user friendly…)
  5. You are absolutely up a creek unless you watch a buttload of tutorials or have programming experience.

So if you are reading this and my blog looks halfway decent, let it be known that miracles do happen.

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