I Can Do Hard Things

And by that I mean, in one week’s time, I have put together this fancy-schmancy new blog, cleaned my house, was a decent parent, cooked dinner most nights, did misc other to-dos and errands, all while being sick with the cold that will never end, and taking no naps. (Come to think of it, I think those last two might be related.)

On the blog front, I ended up going with a super user-friendly free theme that was a better fit for this designing noob. Now once this weekend is over, (church Christmas party), I can finally relax and focus on enjoying Christmas with my family.

It remains to be seen if there will be any ornaments on the Christmas tree this year. The extent of my Christmas decorating thus far includes a tree with lights, some festive stockings hung by the window with care, and two nativities.  I am slightly obsessed with my new needle-felted nativity that I ordered from Myriam Powell Designs. Handmade and absolutely gorgeous:


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