2016 Memory Keeping Plans & Goals

Well…2016 has been rolling in for a few days now, and I finally have settled on my memory-keeping plans for this year.

1 first page

#1 Downsize to 8.5×11 Scrapbook Pages

First and foremost…I have downsized to 8.5×11! 12×12 was feeling too bulky, 8×8 too small, and I thought 8.5×11 supplies would be way easier to find than 9×12. I had to make my own custom templates, and since the math doesn’t add up, the slots are not all standard 3×4 & 4×6 size. But that’s A-Okay and I am embracing the imperfection! I am excited about the change, and I hope that with fewer slots to fill it will simplify my scrapbooking process as I have a lot on my plate this year.

EDIT: I found I had too many photos for 8.5×11, and I wasn’t 100% sold on the templates, so I switched back to 12×12. I love that I gave myself the flexibility to change my vision for the year. It ended up making things a lot easier.

#2 Use Photoshop Elements Organizer for Project Life Digital Cards & Templates

The past couple weeks I have begun using Photoshop Elements Organizer to sort all my Digital Project Life supplies, and so far I am loving the tags organization system. It is SO nice to be able to sort supplies by color, designer, theme, type, and any combination you want! Man, why didn’t I do more research on this sooner!?  At the moment I haven’t been able to do much organizing and they are mostly just sorted by kit name. I really need to get every kit tagged & categorized by color, theme, & type. Hopefully it won’t be TOO bad…I should be able to get most of it done during a few episodes of Chopped…hehe.

PS Organizer 3

#3 Start using the 1 Second Every Day App for Video Montages

I am trying something new with video recording this year. I discovered the 1 Second Every Day app from Elise, (pretty much one of my most favorite sources of memory-keeping inspiration), and I absolutely LOVE the idea, so I’m going for it. I *think* it will be easier for me to capture a “day in the life” with this method than through photos…as a stay at home mom I get in a rut sometimes about what to take pictures of.  Hopefully this little app gets me out of my rut and brings new dimension to my pages! Who knows, I may discover that it doesn’t work for me, but since I am a huge fan of putting video in scrapbooks I am excited to give it a shot! I still plan on including full-length QRC videos in my spreads, because a lot of the time…1 second just doesn’t cut it!

#4 Finish & Print the Baby Album

One thing I definitely want to get out of the way this year is to finish and print my son’s baby album and compile it with envelope pages of all the cute little mementos I’ve saved. I don’t think most people continue with a “baby album” past 1 yr old, but he was a 37-week preemie, so at 17 months he is developing at his own pace and still achieving milestones every day it seems like. I can’t fathom stopping his monthly milestones tracker when he hasn’t even said his first words yet. Hopefully at some point this year he will start talking and then I can call quits on the baby album! Haha!

#5 Scan, Organize, and Tag all of my Husband’s Childhood & Family Photos

My next project is a doozy.  Do I dare say it out loud and publish it for the whole wide world to see? This year I want to finish scanning all my husband’s childhood/family photos, organize/tag them, and start to put them into albums. Notice I said START because I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I already have 1,000 photos scanned and I still have more to go. And that’s not including the digital photos of theirs that I need to organize too. Not gonna lie, the scanning & organizing part is SO tedious, but it will be worth it because I greatly look forward to the page design process for that album. They went on so many beautiful vacations during his childhood and their photos will make for some pretty spreads 🙂  I also want to start getting his siblings to answer some personal history questions about their childhood. I think this process will take a long time so I want to start early.

#6 Learn Batch Edit

Going along with my family history project outlined above, I want to learn how to batch edit photos in Photoshop Elements. It’s something I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time but I’ve never really needed it before. I think this will be super useful time for me to learn it, with the hundreds of old pictures that will need editing.

#7  Project Life Family Recipe Book

I am also starting a PL recipe book of our favorite family foods. This I am alright with taking my time on so it’s ok if it gets put on the back burner. For the time being I am mostly just trying to remember to take pictures of stuff as I make it.

#8 Um…OK I think I’ll stop now.

I have 2 more memory-keeping projects I am dying to do but I think I will have to put those off for a little while yet…what do you think? 😉

Overly ambitious much? We will see what actually happens in 2016. The cool thing is…I am totally fine however this year turns out. If it turns out that I have too much on my plate, and only accomplish a third of the things on my list, c’est la vie.  What are your memory keeping goals for 2016?

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  1. janna Vance says:

    Kayla I’m new to your blog. I like your articles and what you post about. I especially liked your top 10 list! Are you a digital project life kit person? You mentioned sorting cards in Photoshop. Do you also have paper pl kits?

    • johnson.kayla@gmail.com says:

      Thanks for reading Janna! Yes I do Digital Project Life. I don’t use any paper Project Life kits for now, but I do plan to incorporate some physical ephemera into my albums with envelope inserts 🙂

  2. Janna Vance says:

    Sorry Kayla – in reading your past posts I see that you are digital. I’m hoping to incorporate more digital and use the supplies I have. I have greatly de-cluttered, much to my elementary school art teacher’s delight, Now just need to get started!! 🙂 Love the post on organizing photos. That is one of my goals this year and it’s very overwhelming to me….

  3. Emily says:

    You will have to let us know how the new album size works out. I also think 12×12 is too big but didn’t like 8×8. My problem is that I use the PL app for my spreads and they only have the square format right now. So I am sticking with 12×12 for the time being.

    I also want to go back through my old photos and get everything digitized and then create albums. It’s my big 2016 project.

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