Project Life: Scrapbooking Simplified

I discovered Project Life back in March of this year when I was shopping around on Pinterest for inspiration on how to document my baby’s first year.  I wanted something easy, fast, digital, and minimalist.  I had seen about a million pins referencing Project Life, and at the time I thought it was basically the same thing as a smash book, so I wrote it off, because I don’t have the patience or creativity to somehow casually AND artfully glue and draw and paint over scraps and ticket stubs that I will probably never look at again.

Luckily I did a tad more research and discovered that Project Life is ACTUALLY a revolutionized way of pocket scrapbooking (think photo-sized baseball card holders) invented by Becky Higgins that involves no cutting, gluing, or fancy embellishments. There is also a digital method using Photoshop (which is pretty much my best friend), so of course once I found out that PL digital scrapbooking involves little more than dragging and dropping photos & cute coordinating cards into pre-designed, minimalist templates in Photoshop, I was sold.  There is also an app which allows you to scrapbook from the convenience of your phone if you have an iphone. I can’t wait for the Android version to come out, hopefully sometime next year!  Becky has some fantastic tutorials on her website which explain more about the system. Check it out!

Using Project Life has enabled me to make over 60 scrapbook pages documenting my family life in only 8 months! I am beyond ecstatic at the flexibility and simplicity of the system. I will never go back to anything else.

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