Why Digital Project Life has me for Life <3

I’m going to tell you a secret:

The #1 reason I love Project Life is because I am lazy.  And by that I mean that I don’t like cleaning up messes and piles of scrapbook supplies. I don’t like spending 12 hours planning & creating a single spread…ain’t nobody got time for that!  I am all about efficiency and convenienceand using as little brain power as possible. With the simple Project Life templates, I don’t have to spend hours planning a layout. And with it all done on the computer, I have no piles of half-finished projects taking up valuable real estate in my small apartment!

#2 I LOVE Photoshop. What began as a high school hobby to Photoshop pictures of my siblings into Dumb & Dumber posters (your welcome) eventually turned into a passion for photography and making things beautiful.

#3 I like to keep the focus on the pictures.  For me personally, I’ve never loved scrapbook pages with all the frills and ribbons and buttons and paper embellishments. For one thing, those pages take forever to put together, for another, I hate cleaning up piles of supplies (see #1). But most importantly, to my eye, the pictures get lost on those types of pages. The clean, minimalist style PL templates let my photos be the star, and not only are they practical for time management- they’re gorgeous too!

#4 I need flexibility. There’s nothing more frustrating to me than trying to create a “simple” online photo book utilizing a website’s templates and graphics. It seems like I can never settle on templates & graphics that suit my style or needs. On one hand, it’s too open-ended with too many choices and styles, but out of ALLLLLL those choices, I can’t usually find anything to fit my simplistic style. Project Life gives me the best of both worlds- simplicity & structure with enough choices of card kits to personalize my album to my needs.

Digital Project Life- simple, stylish, endlessly customizable, and the best part- no mess!!!

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