Long Time No Post!

So glad to be back after a long hiatus the majority of this year. Having a baby really did a number on me, and there were lots of things in my life, like this blog, that had to take a backseat while most days were just about survival!

During that time, my memory-keeping plans changed a lot. I made peace with the giant 12×12 for practicality’s sake. I wasn’t totally sold on the 8.5×11 template I made, and I take lots of pictures and needed the extra space on the larger templates.

During the course of this year, I started and finished several projects, which I will be spotlighting here in some videos and separate blog posts, since I have had several questions about my process for those.

I can’t believe the year is almost over!  I cannot even explain how much I enjoyed being on Becky’s creative team this year. I feel so indebted to them for giving me this opportunity because it gave me so much purpose and really helped me find my calling in life.

Stay tuned for an exciting post and video about my very first completed album- my husband’s LDS mission album!

Team Becky Forever!

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